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The mission of Linkiee, is to maximize the efficiency of content and e-commerce management. We believe that even content with limited length in social bio has the value to boost the popularity of an individual or a business.

Customer Care Team

As part of our dedicated team, we work around the clock so that your problems are resolved as quickly as possible. For urgent issues, you can email service@linki.ee , we usually respond within 48 hours.

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We have offices in the UK, the US, Singapore, and China, and more are being built around the world. Our local team is always here to help and you are absolutely in safe hands.

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Company: Hainan Beisheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: 3F, Building B08, Area B, Hainan Ecological Software Park, Old Town, Chengmai County, Hainan Province

Contact number: +862082120116