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What is a Linkiee?
Linkiee is an advanced link in bio tool. With Linkiee, you can create a personalized and easily customizable page, that includes all the links you want to share with your audience. Besides inserting your Linkiee Page into your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc., Linkiee lets you showcase your new videos on YouTube and Spotify playlists, which you can curate to promote your work, brand, and business.
What is a link in bio tool?
A ‘link in bio’ is a collection of information taken from the profile that allows people to learn more about you. Linkiee is a bio link tool that gives you a unique URL to house all the links that you wish to place on your Linkiee page. You can, for instance, use your Linkiee account to display your coffee shop, videos about the making of coffee, your coffee story, etc. By using Linkiee, you can showcase every aspect of your personality.
How does a link in bio tool work?
  • With the link in bio tool, you can integrate all of your links into a single URL that will be displayed on specific platforms, such as Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. By clicking on the link, visitors will be able to see all of the URLs you want to promote, such as a new product or blog.
  • To share your top links with your audience, copy and paste them into Linkiee, such as your digital wallet, your Shopify store, your social media accounts, etc.
  • Add all links you needed on your Linkiee page and edit the layout and design. Decorate the page to match your business culture or personal characteristics. Successfully finish your work by clicking “Publish” and then you can paste your Linkiee URL on any profile bio.
What are shoppable links?
Users can easily tap links to shop while browsing social media. Shoppable links are the direct links to products on e-commerce stores or online marketplace. Inserting shoppable links on your Linkiee page can increase the possibility of higher sales and a deeper understanding of your online shop’s traffic.
Where can you use Linkiee?

You can share your Linkiee anywhere you want! Linkiee can generate a unique bio link or QRcode.

The following points demonstrate examples of where you can put your Linkiee URL:

  • Profile bio of social media
  • Footer of a digital poster
  • Email signature
  • Business card
  • Whatsapp groups or chats
Who can use the link in bio tool?

ANYONE can use it!

Link in bio tools are used by many groups including creators, influencers, publishers and brands, etc.

We can increase users’ following, strengthen their brand awareness and reputation, convert visitors into followers, and then convert followers into buyers.

Why should we use a link in bio tool?
It is acknowledged that when we use social media channels such as Instagram or Facebook, these platforms have word and link limitations on the social bio. Linkiee allows users to put unlimited links and visualized data information on embedded links, it can be used as an integration page on the social bio.
Is Linkiee free?
Yes, our product features are 100% available for all of our users. Don’t forget to
Do I need to be SHOPLINE merchant to use shoppable links?
There’s no limitation on registering for Linkiee! We accept shoppable links from all the online marketplace and e-commerce platforms. For now, we only have the preview mode on the Linkiee page with SHOPLINE merchants. We will integrate the preview mode on more e-commerce platforms and online marketplace in the future.
How many links can I put on my Linkiee page?
You can put unlimited links! Linkiee is not limited by homepage or website “links” since you can put commerce links of payment, insert a Spotify playlist, or embed the latest videos on social platforms.
Can I view my link in bio analytics with Linkiee?
Definitely!! The Linkiee analytics tool allows you to analyze how the links in your bio are performing, as well as the performance of each link individually. As part of Linkiee’s analytics, you can see how many visitors have visited your page, how many clicks each link has received, and more. Understand which content gets attention and how to improve it by reviewing your analytics.
What is affiliate program?
The Affiliate Program is a commission-based selling model which connects you to hundreds of well-known brands. You can share it anywhere and easily earn commission through our program!
Why should I choose Linkiee's affiliate program?
  • No requirements for upfront cost
  • Easy procedures and access
  • Attractive Commission Percentage
  • Free tools from Linkiee to build a custom landing page for promoting products
  • Unlimited affiliate links
How to check the successful commission?
You can go to Affiliate > Commission > Confirmed Earnings to check by yourself.
How to generate affiliate links?
In the AFFILIATE section,

Step1: In the Retailers section, search for retailers with your expected commission rate and promote them by clicking their names on Linkiee's dashboard. You will be redirected to their official sites afterward.

Step2: Choose the product you want to promote, copy the product’s URL to the "Create affiliate link" section and click "create".Then your affiliate link is available.

Step3: Insert your affiliate link and preview your Linkiee Page from the user’s perspective. You can share your Linkiee URL anywhere you want.

For video version guidelines, visit Linkiee YouTube channel.
Definition of pending commissions / approved commission?
Pending commission:

Your chosen retailer is still processing the payment. Once your retailer has successfully checked the order, the pending commission will be converted to a confirmed commission.

Approved commission:

It is the final earning from which you can be withdrawn.

Which commission do I receive?
Approved commission.
Where to seek for help associated with affiliate program?
Email us: hello@linki.ee
Message us on Instagram: @linki.ee
Whatsapp us: +6140110657

We will reply within 24 hours

Linkiee distribution cooperation agreement
Please carefully read and fully understand the agreement before you use Linkiee’s Affiliate function.
Linkiee merchants details
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